Bradley Howell

Bradley will complete his B.Sc. in Biology and Environmental & Resource Science at Trent University in April 2021 before heading to Manitoba to complete the M.Sc. Bioscience, Technology and Public Policy program at the University of Winnipeg. He has previously been involved in project development of an AMBER case study of the River Garry Quoich Dam in Scotland to utilize macro benthic invertebrate biodiversity to address salmonid habitat restriction. Currently, his research involves monitoring gamete success and embryo development in two strains of Ontario brook trout in relation to adult exposure to standard electrofishing techniques. This project has been awarded the Peterborough Field Naturalist Research Grant. His graduate work will involve completing contemporary stock status information on Eastern and North-Western Manitoban lake trout populations and developing best management practices to educate anglers on how to prevent unintended catch and release mortality.

Howell action shot.jpg