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erin stewart

Erin joined the Raby Lab in January of 2021 as an M.Sc. student co-supervised by Dr. Chris Wilson (OMNDMNRF). In April 2022, she completed her conversion exam to switch into the Ph.D program. The focus of her research is thermal biology and conservation physiology of brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis). Her research focuses on characterizing what drives intraspecific variation in thermal tolerance and metabolism, examining variation at the individual and population levels using both lab and field based experiments.

Erin completed her B.Sc. in Natural Resources Conservation majoring in Science and Management in the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia in 2020. During her degree she completed a capstone semester focused on field-specific research in conservation science, as well as a semester at the Haida Gwaii Institute studying natural resource science and socio-ecological systems. Erin was a research assistant in the Forest Insect Disturbance Ecology lab at UBC Forestry for two years where she assisted with fieldwork, lab work, and organization.

Other stuff
Ontario Graduate Scholarship holder (2023-24, $15,000)

Student representative (elected) on the executive committee of the Society for Canadian Aquatic Sciences (2023-present)


Senior NXT-GEN Ambassador, Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (2021-present)

Member, Algonquin Park Fisheries Advisory Council (2021-present)

Winner of Zone H Fisheries Research Grant ($4000), Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

Stewart, E.M.C.
, E.R. Lechner, V.R. Frasca, C.C. Wilson, and G.D. Raby. 2024. Differences in embryo survivorship among populations on brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) under variable winter thermal regimes. Environmental Biology of Fishes 107:189-202.


Lechner, E.R., Stewart, E.M.C., C.C. Wilson, and G.D. Raby. 2024. CTmax in brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) embryos shows an acclimation response to developmental temperature but is more variable than later life stages. Journal of Fish Biology, in press.

Stewart, E.M.C., V.R. Frasca, C.C. Wilson, and G.D. Raby. 2023. Short-term acclimation dynamics in a coldwater fish. Journal of Thermal Biology 112: 103482.

Howell, B.E., E.M.C. Stewart, V.R. Frasca, C.C. Wilson, and G.D. Raby. 2022. Capture of spawning brook trout by electrofishing does not impair embryo survival. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 42: 228–235.



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