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Publications are listed here in order of most to least recent and can also be viewed through Google Scholar. Contact us by e-mail for reprints of papers.

Thermal performance curves for aerobic scope and specific dynamic action in a sexually dimorphic piscivore: implications for a warming climate

83 - Bihun, CJ, EMC Stewart, ER Lechner, JW Brownscombe, GD Raby.  2024. Journal of Experimental Biology, in press.

Using vitality indicators to predict survival of aquatic animals released from fisheries

82 - Lennox, RJ, MR Donaldson, GD Raby, KV Cook, L LaRochelle, JC Madden, SJ Cooke, DA Patterson, SG Hinch.  2024. Conservation Physiology 12:coae034. [link]

Thermal stressors during embryo incubation have limited ontogenic carryover effects in brook trout

81 - Lechner, ER, EMC Stewart, VR Frasca, KM Jeffries, CC Wilson, GD Raby. Journal of Thermal Biology, in press.

Validation of a new acoustic telemetry transmitter for the study of predation events in small fishes

80 - Shorgan, MB, H Bauer Reid, SV Ivanova, AT Fisk, SJ Cooke, GD Raby. Journal of Fish Biology, in press.

Estimating maximum oxygen uptake by fishes during swimming and following exhaustive chase - different results, biological bases and applications

79 - Rees, BB, JE Reemayer, SA Binning, SD Brieske, TD Clark, J De Bonville, RM Eisenberg, GD Raby, DG Roche, JL Rummer, Z Zhang. Journal of Experimental Biology, in press.

Effects of temperature, body size, and sex on the standard metabolic rates of a sexually dimorphic freshwater piscivore, walleye (Sander vitreus)

78 - Bihun, CJ, MK Murphy, TB Johnson, AT Fisk, MM Guzzo, CP Madenjian, GD Raby. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, in press.

Differences in embryo survivorship among populations of brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) under variable winter thermal regimes

77 - Stewart, EMC, ER Lechner, VR Frasca, CC Wilson, GD Raby. 2024. Environmental Biology of Fishes 107:189-202. [link]

CTmax in brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) embryos shows an acclimation response to developmental temperature but is more variable than later life stages

76 - Lechner, ER, EMC Stewart, CC Wilson, GD Raby. 2024. Journal of Fish Biology, in press. [link]

Physiological differences between wild and captive animals: a century-old dilemma

75 - Turko, AJ, BL Firth, PM Craig, EJ Eliason, GD Raby, BG Borowiec. 2023. Journal of Experimental Biology 23:jeb246037. [link]

First report of sound production in rock bass (Ambloplites rupestris).

74 - Bowman, JC, GD Raby. 2023. Environmental Biology of Fishes 106:2093-2099. [link]

Teaching a course in icthyology, fish biology, or fish physiology? Look no further.

73 - Raby, GD. 2023. Environmental Biology of Fishes 106:2021-2023. [link]

Short-term acclimation dynamics in a coldwater fish

72 - Stewart, EMC, VR Frasca, CC Wilson, GD Raby. 2023. Journal of Thermal Biology 112:103482. [link]

Making the most of aquatic animal tracking: a review of complementary methods to bolster acoustic telemetry

71 - Matley, JK, NV Klinard, SM Larocque, MF McLean, JW Brownscombe, GD Raby, VM Nguyen, AP Barbosa Martins. 2023. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 33:35-54. [link]

Early career perspectives on the future of freshwater fisheries science, management, and policy in Canada.

70 - Donaldson, EJ Eliason, MS Poesch, DAR Drake, DC Braun, CT Hasler, VM Nguyen, GD Raby, RJ Lennox, HK Swanson, B Favaro, SD Bower, SJ Cooke. 2023. In Freshwater Fisheries in Canada: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives of the Resources and Their Management, CT Hasler, JG Imhof, NE Mandrak, SJ Cooke, eds. American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, MD.

The movement ecology of fishes

69 - Cooke, SJ, JN Bergman, WM Twardek, ML Piczak, GA Casselberry, K Lutek, LS Dahlmo, K Birnie-Gauvin, LP Griffin, JW Brownscombe, GD Raby, EM Standen, AZ Horodysky, S Johnsen, AJ Danylchuk, NB Furey, AJ Gallagher, EJI Lédée, JD Midwood, LFG Gutowsky, DMP Jacoby, JK Matley, RJ Lennox. 2022. Journal of Fish Biology 101:756-779. [link]

The roles of humans and apex predators in sustaining ecosystem structure and function: contrast, complementarity, and coexistence

68 - Lennox, RJ, JW Brownscombe, C Darimont, A Horodysky, T Levi, GD Raby, SJ Cooke. 2022. People and Nature 4:1071-1082. [link]

Effects of life stage on the spatial ecology of Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) during pelagic freshwater foraging

67 - Ivanova, SV, GD Raby, TB Johnson, SM Larocque, AT Fisk. 2022. Fisheries Research 254:106395. [link]


Cardiac activity in walleye (Sander vitreus) during exposure to and recovery from chemical anaesthesia, electroanaesthesia, and electrostunning

66 - Reid, CH, GD Raby, CS Vandergoot, MD Faust, SJ Cooke. 2022. Journal of Fish Biology 101:115-127. [link]

An energetics-performance framework for wild fishes

65 - Brownscombe, JW, GD Raby, KJ Murchie, AJ Danylchuk, SJ Cooke. 2022. Journal of Fish Biology 101:4-12. [link]

Physiology as a tool for at-risk animal recovery planning: an analysis of Canadian recovery strategies with global recommendations

64 - Madliger, CL, MJA Creighton, GD Raby, JR Bennett, K Bernie-Gauvin, RJ Lennox, SJ Cooke. 2022. Conservation Science and Practice 4:e12701. [link]

On the relevance of animal behavior to the management and conservation of fishes and fisheries

63 - Cooke, SJ, HL Auld, K Bernie-Gauvin, CK Elvidge, ML Piczak, WM Twardek, GD Raby, JW Brownscombe, JD Midwood, RJ Lennox, CL Madliger, ADM Wilson, TR Binder, CD Schreck, RL McLaughlin, J Grant, AM Muir. 2023. Environmental Biology of Fishes 106:785-810. [link]


Paths towards greater consensus building in experimental biology

62 - Roche, DG, GD Raby, T Norin, R Ern, H Scheuffele, M Skeeles, R Morgan, AH Andreassen, JC Clements, S Louissaint, F Jutfelt, TD Clark, SA Binning. 2022. Journal of Experimental Biology 225 (Suppl_):jeb243559. [link]

Tracking the early stages of an invasion with biotelemetry: behaviour of round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) in Canada’s historic Rideau Canal

61 - Bergman, JN, GD Raby, KL Neigel, CD Rennie, S Balshine, JR Bennett, AT Fisk, SJ Cooke. 2022. Biological Invasions 24:1149-1173. [link]

Capture of brook trout by electrofishing does not impair embryo survival

60 - Howell, BE, EMC Stewart, V Frasca, CC Wilson, GD Raby. 2022. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 42:228-235. [link]

Exploring relationships between oxygen consumption and biologger-derived estimates of heart rate in two warmwater piscivores

59 - Doherty, CLJ, AT Fisk, SJ Cooke, TE Pitcher, GD Raby. 2022. Journal of Fish Biology, 100:99-106. [link]

Electronic tagging and tracking of animals in inland waters

58 - Cooke, SJ, JL Brooks, GD Raby, EB Thorstad, JW Brownscombe, CS Vandergoot, RJ Lennox, G Bulte, G Bino, JD Thiem. In: Contribution to the Emerging Methods and Topics section of the 2nd edition of the Encyclopedia of Inland Waters. Elsevier, UK.


Post-release survival and migration behaviour of adult walleyes following intracoelomic transmitter implantation using two methods of electro-immobilization

57 - Reid, CH, GD Raby, MD Faust, TO Brenden, SJ Cooke, CS Vandergoot. 2022. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 151:100-111. [link]


One hundred research questions in conservation physiology for generating actionable evidence to inform conservation policy and practice

56 - Cooke, SJ, JN Bergman, CL Madliger, RL Cramp, J Beardall, GP Burness, TD Clark, B Dantzer, E de la Barrera, NA Fangue, CE Franklin, A Fuller, LA Hawkes, KR Hultine, KE Hunt, OP Love, HA MacMillan, JW Mandelman, FC Mark, LB Martin, AEM Newman, AB Nicotra, GD Raby, SA Robinson, Y Ropert-Coudert, JL Rummer, F Seebacher, AE Todgham, S Tomlinson, SL Chown. 2021. Conservation Physiology 9:coab009. [link]

Using untapped telemetry data to explore the winter biology of freshwater fish

55 - Marsden, JE, PJ Blanchfield, JL Brooks, T Fernandes, AT Fisk, MH Futia, BL Hlina, SV Ivanova, TB Johnson, KV Klinard, CC Krueger, SM Larocque, JK Matley, B McMeans, LM O'Connor, GD Raby, SJ Cooke. 2021. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 31:115-134. [link]

Avoiding wasted research resources in conservation science

54 - Buxton, R, E Nyboer, K Pigeon, GD Raby, T Rytwinski, AJ Gallagher, R Schuster, H-Y Lin, L Fahrig, JR Bennett, SJ Cooke, DG Roche. 2021. Conservation Science and Practice 3:e329. [link]


Reply to: Methods matter in repeating ocean acidification studies

53 - Clark, TD, GD Raby, DG Roche, SA Binning, B Speers-Roesch, F Jutfelt, J Sundin. 2020. Nature 586:E25-E27. [link]

On conducting management-relevant mechanistic science for upriver migrating adult Pacific salmon

52 - Cooke, SJ, GD Raby, NN Bett, AK Teffer, NJ Burnett, KM Jeffries, EJ Eliason, EG Martins, KM Miller, DA Patterson, VM Nguyen, N Young, AP Farrell, SG Hinch. 2021. Pages 35-56 in Madliger, C.L., O.P. Love, SJ Cooke, CE Franklin. Conservation Physiology: applications for wildlife conservation and management. Oxford University Press, UK.


Post-exercise respirometry underestimates maximum metabolic rate in juvenile salmon

51 - Raby, GD, CLJ Doherty, A Mokdad, TE Pitcher, AT Fisk. 2020. Conservation Physiology 8:coaa063. [link]

Best practices for non-lethal blood sampling of fish via the caudal vasculature

50 - Lawrence, MJ, GD Raby, AK Teffer, KM Jeffries, AJ Danylchuk, EJ Eliason, CT Hasler, TD Clark, SJ Cooke. 2020. Journal of Fish Biology 97:4-15. [link]


Seasonal habitat-use differences among Lake Erie's walleye stocks

49 - Matley, JK, MD Faust, GD Raby, Y Zhao, J Robinson, T MacDougall, TA Hayden, AT Fisk, CS Vandergoot, CC Krueger. 2020. Journal of Great Lakes Research 46:609-621. [link]


Teaching post-secondary students in ecology and evolution: Strategies for early-career researchers

48 - Raby, GD, JM Chapman, R de Bruijn, EJ Eliason, CK Elvidge, CT Hasler, CL Madliger, EA Nyboer, AJ Reid, DG Roche, T Rytwinski, TD Ward, ADM Wilson, SJ Cooke.  2020. Ideas in Ecology and Evolution 13:14-24. [link]


Ocean acidification does not impair the behaviour of coral reef fishes.

47 - Clark, TD, GD Raby, DG Roche, SA Binning, B Speers-Roesch, F Jutfelt, J Sundin. 2020. Nature 577:370-375. [link]

Behaviour including fish migration.

46 - Lennox, RJ, JW Brownscombe, CK Elvidge, P Harrison, K Peiman, GD Raby, SJ Cooke. 2020. Chapter 7 in Woo, P, GK Iwama (eds.), Non Infectious Fish Disorders. CABI Publishing Group. pp. 125-135. [link]

Pop-off data storage tags reveal niche partitioning between native and non-native predators in a novel ecosystem.

45 - Raby, GD, TB Johnson, ST Kessel, TJ Stewart, AT Fisk. 2020. Journal of Applied Ecology 57:181-191. [link]


Effects of intracoelomic transmitter implantation on metabolic rate, swimming performance, growth, and survival in juveniles of two salmonids.

44 - Darcy, AP, GD Raby, TB Johnson, TE Pitcher, AT Fisk. 2019. Journal of Fish Biology 95:1094-1106. [link]

Comment – Practices for drawing blood samples from Teleost fish.

43 - Cooke, SJ, MJ Lawrence, GD Raby, AK Teffer, KM Jeffries, AJ Danylchuk, TD Clark. 2019. North American Journal of Aquaculture 81:424-426. [link]

Reflections on the legends of Canadian fisheries science and management.

42 - Hasler, CT, GD Raby, E Chrétien, M Stockwell, SJ Cooke, E Rechisky, DW Welch, NM Sopinka, NE Mandrak. 2019.  Fisheries 44:534-538. [link]


Long-term acclimation to near-future ocean acidification has negligible effects on energetic attributes in a juvenile coral reef fish.

41 - Sundin, J, M Amcoff, F Mateos-Gonzalez, GD Raby, TD Clark. 2019. Oecologia 190:689-702. [link]

Conducting and interpreting fish telemetry studies: considerations for researchers and resource managers.

40 - Brownscombe, JW, EJI Ledee, GD Raby, DP Struthers, LFG Gutowsky, VM Nguyen, N Young, MJW Stokesbury, CM Holbrook, TO Brenden, CS Vandergoot, KJ Murchie, K Whoriskey, J Mills-Flemming, ST Kessel, CC Krueger, SJ Cooke. 2019. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 29:369-400. [link]

Dermal injuries caused by a purse seine capture result in lasting physiological disturbances in coho salmon.

39 - Cook, KV, SG Hinch, SM Drenner, GD Raby, SJ Cooke. 2019. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A 227:75-83. [link]

Exposure to elevated carbon dioxide does not impair short-term swimming behaviour or shelter-seeking in a predatory coral reef fish.

38 - Raby, GD, J Sundin, F Jutfelt, SJ Cooke, TD Clark. 2018. Journal of Fish Biology 93:138-142. [link]

Swim for it: effects of simulated fisheries capture on the post-release behaviour of four Great Barrier Reef fishes.

37 - Raby, GD, V Messmer, AJ Tobin, AS Hoey, F Jutfelt, J Sundin, SJ Cooke, TD Clark. 2018. Fisheries Research 206:129-137. [link]

Does behavioural thermoregulation underlie seasonal movements in Lake Erie walleye?

36 - Raby, GD, CS Vandergoot, TA Hayden, MD Faust, RT Kraus, JM Dettmers, SJ Cooke, Y Zhao, AT Fisk, CC Krueger. 2018. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 75:488-496. [link]

Population-specific mortality in coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) released from a purse seine fishery.

35 - Cook, KV, SG Hinch, SM Drenner, E Halfyard, GD Raby, SJ Cooke. 2018. ICES Journal of Marine Science 75:309-318. [link]

Oxygen- and capacity-limited thermal tolerance: blurring ecology and physiology.

34 - Jutfelt, F, T Norin, R Ern, J Overgaard, T Wang, DJ McKenzie, S Lefevre, GE Nilsson, NB Metcalfe, AJR Hickey, J Brijs, B Speers-Roesch, DG Roche, AK Gamperl, GD Raby, R Morgan, AJ Esbaugh, A Grans, M Axelsson, A Ekstrom, E Sandblom, SA Binning, JW Hicks, F Seebacher, C Jorgensen, SS Killen, PM Schulte, TD Clark. 2018. Journal of Experimental Biology 221:jeb169615. [link]

A field test of the use of pop-off data storage tags in freshwater fishes.

33 - Raby, GD, TB Johnson, ST Kessel, TJ Stewart, AT Fisk. 2017. Journal of Fish Biology 91:1623-1641. [link]

Acoustic telemetry and fisheries management.

32 - Crossin, GT, M Heupel, CM Holbrook, N Hussey, S Lowerre-Barbieri, VM Nguyen, GD Raby, SJ Cooke. 2017. Ecological Applications 27:1031-1049. [link]

Two-current choice flumes for testing avoidance and preference in aquatic animals.

31 - Jutfelt, F, J Sundin, GD Raby, A-S Krang, TD Clark. 2017. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 8:379-390. [link]


Long-term exposure to elevated carbon dioxide does not alter activity levels of a coral reef fish in response to predator chemical cues.

30 - Sundin, J, M Amcoff, F Mateos-Gonzalez, GD Raby, F Jutfelt, TD Clark. 2017. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 71:108. [link]


Chill out: physiological responses to winter ice-angling in two temperate freshwater fishes.

29 - Louison, MJ, CT Hasler, GD Raby, CD Suski, JA Stein. 2017. Conservation Physiology 5:027. [link]

Guidance to derive and update fishing-related incidental mortality rates for Pacific salmon.

28 - Patterson, DA, KA Robinson, GD Raby, AL Bass, R Houtman, SG Hinch, SJ Cooke. 2017. DFO Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat Research Document 2017/011. vii + 56 p. [link]


Review and evaluation of fishing-related incidental mortality for Pacific salmon.

27 - Patterson, DA, KA Robinson, RJ Lennox, TL Nettles, LA Donaldson, EJ Eliason, GD Raby, JM Chapman, KV Cook, MR Donaldson, AL Bass, SM Drenner, AJ Reid, SJ Cooke, SG Hinch. 2017. DFO Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat Research Document 2017/010. ix + 155 p. [link]


Scientific misconduct: the elephant in the lab.

26 - Clark, TD, SA Binning, GD Raby, B Speers-Roesch, J Sundin, F Jutfelt, DG Roche. 2016. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 31:899-900. [link]

Remote bioenergetics measurements in wild fish: opportunities and challenges.

25 - Cooke, SJ, JW Brownscombe, GD Raby, F Broell, SG Hinch, TD Clark, and JM Semmens. 2016. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A 202:23-37. [link]

Effects of experimentally-elevated egg cortisol on offspring traits in two species of Pacific salmon.

24 - Sopinka, NM, SG Hinch, SJ Healy, GD Raby, DA Patterson. 2016. Environmental Biology of Fishes 99:717-728. [link]


Aerobic scope increases throughout an ecologically relevant temperature range in coho salmon.

23 - Raby, GD, MT Casselman, SJ Cooke, SG Hinch, AP Farrell, and TD Clark. 2016.  Journal of Experimental Biology 219:1922-1931. [link]


Mechanisms to explain purse seine bycatch mortality of coho salmon.

22 - Raby, GD, SG Hinch, DA Patterson, JA Hills, LA Thompson, SJ Cooke. 2015. Ecological Applications 25:1757-1775. [link]

Fishing for effective conservation: context and biotic variation are keys to understanding the survival of Pacific salmon after catch-and-release.

21 - Raby, GD, MR Donaldson, SG Hinch, TD Clark, EJ Eliason, KM Jeffries, KV Cook, A Teffer, AL Bass, KM Miller, DA Patterson, AP Farrell, and SJ Cooke. 2015. Integrative and Comparative Biology 55:554-576. [link]

A physiological comparison of three techniques for reviving sockeye salmon exposed to a severe capture stressor during upriver migration.

20 - Raby, GD, SM Wilson, DA Patterson, SG Hinch, TD Clark, AP Farrell, and SJ Cooke. 2015. Conservation Physiology 3:015. [link]

Influence of post-capture ventilation assistance on migration success of adult sockeye salmon following capture and release.

19 - Robinson, KA, SG Hinch, GD Raby, MR Donaldson, D Robichaud, DA Patterson, and SJ Cooke. 2015.  Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 144:693-704. [link]

Facing the river gauntlet: understanding the effects of fisheries capture and water temperature on the physiology of coho salmon.

18 - Raby, GD, TD Clark, AP Farrell, DA Patterson, NN Bett, SM Wilson, WG Willmore, CD Suski, SG Hinch, and SJ Cooke. 2015. PLOS ONE 10:e0124023. [link]

Bycatch mortality of endangered coho salmon: impacts, solutions, and aboriginal perspectives.

17 - Raby, GD, MR Donaldson, VM Nguyen, MK Taylor, NM Sopinka, KV Cook, DA Patterson, D Robichaud, SG Hinch, SJ Cooke. 2014. Ecological Applications 24:1803-1819. [link]

The underappreciated and understudied role of predators in the mortality of fish released from fishing gears.

16 - Raby, GD, JR Packer, AJ Danylchuk, SJ Cooke. 2014. Fish and Fisheries 15:489-505. [link]

Looking beyond the mortality of bycatch: sublethal effects of incidental capture on marine animals.

15 - Wilson, SM, GD Raby, NJ Burnett, SG Hinch, SJ Cooke. 2014. Biological Conservation 171:61-72. [link]

Disentangling the roles of air exposure, gillnet injury, and facilitated recovery on the post-capture and release mortality and behavior of adult migratory sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) in freshwater.

14 - Nguyen, VM, EG Martins, D Robichaud, GD Raby, MR Donaldson, AG Lotto, WG Willmore, DA Patterson, AP Farrell, SG Hinch, SJ Cooke. 2014.  Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 87:125-135. [link]

Failure to engage the public in issues relating to inland fishes and fisheries: strategies for building public and political will to promote meaningful conservation.

13 - Cooke, SJ, NWR Lapointe, EG Martins, JD Thiem, GD Raby, MK Taylor, TD Beard Jr., IG Cowx. 2013.  Journal of Fish Biology 83:997-1018. [link]

Resilience of pink salmon and chum salmon to simulated capture stress incurred upon arrival at spawning grounds.

12 - Raby, GD, SJ Cooke, KV Cook, SH McConnachie, MR Donaldson, SG Hinch, CK Whitney, SM Drenner, DA Patterson, TD Clark, AP Farrell. 2013. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 142:524-539. [link]

Evaluation of a simple technique for recovering Pacific salmon from capture stress: integrating comparative physiology, biotelemetry, and social science to solve a conservation problem.

11 - Donaldson, MR, GD Raby, VM Nguyen, SG Hinch, DA Patterson, AP Farrell, M Rudd, LA Thompson, CM O’Connor, AH Colotelo, SH McConnachie, KV Cook, D Robichaud, KK English, SJ Cooke. 2013. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 70:90-100. [link]

The physiological consequences of catch-and-release angling: perspectives on experimental design, interpretation, extrapolation, and relevance to stakeholders.

10 - Cooke, SJ, MR Donaldson, CM O’Connor, GD Raby, R Arlinghaus, AJ Danylchuk, KC Hanson, SG Hinch, TD Clark, DA Patterson, CD Suski. 2013. Fisheries Management and Ecology 20:268-287. [link]

Northern pike bycatch in an inland commercial hoop net fishery: effects of water temperature and net tending frequency on injury, physiology, and survival.

9 - Colotelo, AC, GD Raby, CT Hasler, TJ Haxton, KE Smokorowski, G Blouin-Demers, SJ Cooke. 2013. Fisheries Research 137:41-49. [link]

Aboriginal fisher perspectives on use of telemetry technology to study adult Pacific salmon.

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Population-specific consequences of fisheries-related stressors on adult sockeye salmon.

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Conservation physiology in practice: How physiological knowledge has improved our ability to sustainably manage Pacific salmon during up-river migration.

6 - Cooke, SJ, SG Hinch, MR Donaldson, TD Clark, EJ Eliason, GT Crossin, GD Raby, KM Jeffries, M Lapointe, K Miller, DA Patterson, AP Farrell. 2012. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 367:1757-1769. [link]

Fish stranding in freshwater systems: sources, consequences, and mitigation.

5 - Nagrodski, A, GD Raby, CT Hasler, MK Taylor, SJ Cooke. 2012. Journal of Environmental Management 103:133-141. [link]

Validation of reflex indicators for measuring vitality and predicting the delayed mortality of wild coho salmon bycatch released from fishing gears.

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The consequences of angling and beach seine capture on the physiology, post-release behaviour and survival of adult sockeye salmon during upriver migration.

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Freshwater commercial bycatch: an understated conservation problem.

2 - Raby, GD, AH Colotelo, G Blouin-Demers, SJ Cooke. 2011. BioScience 61:271-280. [link]

Diet composition and consumption rate in round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) in its expansion phase in the Trent River, Ontario.

1 - Raby, GD, LFG Gutowsky, MG Fox. 2010. Environmental Biology of Fishes 89:143-150. [link]

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